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NLW Drawing Volumes

NLW Drawing Volumes

Tag items from our drawing volume collection to make them easier to discover online.

The National Library's collection of drawing volumes contains a wide variety of material, from the amateur sketches of wealthy travellers to the field sketchbooks of professional artists. The bulk of the Library's collection dates from the 19th century.

The volumes are mainly filled with landscapes of Wales, many following a particular topographical route but there are also many pictures of Great Britain, Europe and Asia. There are numerous examples of drawings of castles, great houses, ruins and churches that give us an accurate record of how an area looked at a particular point in time.

The collection contains unique examples of Welsh artists' work and is a vital resource for anyone interested in Welsh life in the last two and a half centuries.

By taking part and transcribing titles and tagging items seen in the drawings, from everyday objects to different landmarks, you will help uncover the level of detail that is so important to researchers and make it easier for everyone to discover the content of these digitised drawings online.

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